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Quality online Food Safety Supervisor course with a unique, hassle free, 100% online Workplace Observation Report sent right from your course page! Valid in all states and territories. Leading national food companies and individuals trust us to deliver industry relevant online Food Safety Supervisor training courses. Gain your national accreditation today!

FSS Course Reference Manuals (Offline Reference)


An (optional) PDF Offline Learning Resource (51 pages across two booklets) for those that would like to have a manual for learning offline or for future reference in the kitchen.


We have developed an offline learning resource for those that would like to have a manual for learning offline or for future reference in the kitchen.

This is an optional offline reference and not required to complete the course as the same information is available in the online learning system.

The Course Reference Manual includes both the main manual (39 pages), plus an additional reference specifically on sanitisation & cleaning, allergies and egg handling (12 pages).  This is delivered in PDF format for online reference or printing at home/work.

Course Outline
  • Food safety programs
  • Identification of food hazards
  • Food safety risks
  • Controlling bacterial growth
  • Handling and preparing food safely
  • Storing and disposing of food safely
  • Preventing food contamination
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hygienic cleaning practices
Units of competency covered

This program enables participants to achieve the SITSS00051 – Food Safety Supervision Skill Set which includes the following two nationally recognised Units of Competency:

  • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices

There is no need to rush, as you are provided with 8 weeks to complete your course and you can start and stop your learning at any time (your progress will be saved automatically).

Assessment Process
Multiple-choice questions

> Straightforward questions to demonstrate your knowledge

Scenario questions

> Apply what you have learnt to a simulated environment

Workplace Observation Report

> Easy to complete 100% online form that allows a co-worker or supervisor (past or present) with at least 18 months industry experience to confirm that you can do practical tasks in the workplace. We developed a custom learning platform to make life simpler for you.

There are no prerequisites, you can start immediately. This course covers the requirements for you to become a nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor.
Additional Information

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Whilst there are no training prerequisites, there are some requirements around language, literacy and numeracy. In order to complete the online courses that the Australian Institute of Accreditation provides on its website, you should be able to perform everyday tasks such as;

  • Using an instant messenger tool
  • Using email at work
  • Responding to customer complaints
  • Following a recipe

Support from fully qualified trainers

Government approved course


Start today

Trusted by leading food companies

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Workplace Observation Report


Fast. Paperless. Simple.

Every organisation providing online food safety courses will require you to complete a Workplace Observation Report as part of your assessment. We believe in simplicity. For you and the people you work with. Our custom designed learning platform allows you to send your electronic report directly from your course page to a co-worker or supervisor (past or present). With a click of a button, they can access a totally secure online form and do not have to download, sign, scan or upload any printed documents. Results are automatically updated in your course and you can immediately view any feedback.


> No PDFs to download

> No forms to manually sign, scan, upload

> No physical paperwork. Ever!


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This course is the minimum requirement by most state and territory governments and/or councils where the business requires a certified Food Safety Supervisor. Our specially designed food safety supervisor course provides everything you need to ensure compliance of your food business in your location.If you want to be a Food Safety Supervisor in QLD, this course is perfect for you, and the statement of attainment is recognised Australia wide. We are also accredited by the NSW Food Authority to deliver the NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate in the state of NSW.

If you already hold a Statement of Attainment issued by our company for unit SITXFSA101 (superseded) or SITXFSA001, then you just need to complete SITXFSA002, which is the unit covered in the Food Handling Certificate online course (Level 2). Upon successful completion you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the single unit, where the two units together are recognised as being the units of competency required to be recognised as a food safety supervisor. If you want to complete a NSW FSS refresher program, please contact us by phone to discuss.

Have a look at our ‘Terms and Conditions and forms’ section to review our Student Handbook, which has excellent information you may like to review before deciding on a course, including what Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support we offer. You will have 8 weeks to complete your course, so there is no need to rush. If there are mitigating circumstances that prevent you from completing in this time frame, you can contact us to discuss an extension. For system requirements required to complete this course, please see our FAQ section. Feel free to review our online Food Safety Supervisor course information document or take a quick look at one of our brief online food safety supervisor course online videos.


Information for people wanting to be issued with a NSW Food Safety certificate

NSW Legislation
In NSW, food safety requirements are set by the Food Act 2003 (NSW) and the Food Regulation 2015 (NSW). These Acts require that food sold in NSW is safe and suitable for human consumption and meets all standards set out in the Food Standards Code. Food Safety in New South Wales is governed by the NSW Food Authority which comes under the Department of Primary Industries. Together with NSW Health, the NSW Food Authority monitors food safety across the whole state. They make sure the food produced and sold in NSW meets all of the guidelines set out in the relevant state-based legislation.

Regulating & monitoring food safety in NSW
The NSW Food Authority is responsible for regulating and monitoring food safety across the entire NSW food industry.

Food safety training requirements
One of the key requirements in the NSW Food Act relates to food safety training. Every food business must have at least one designated Food Safety Supervisor per premises. This person is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace and must be trained in the right way.

Food Safety Supervisor training
Australian Institute of Accreditation has been approved by the NSW Food Authority to deliver NSW specific Food Safety Supervisor training, and the requirements are covered in our courses. This includes three key areas:

1. Safe egg handling
2. Allergen management
3. Cleaning and sanitising practices

When you complete training with Australian Institute of Accreditation, we’ll provide you with a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate (sometimes known as the ‘Green Certificate’) on behalf of the NSW Food Authority. This must be displayed in the food business. It is an additional cost of $30 + postage and handling.

NSW Recertification or Renewal
Once you receive your Food Safety Supervisor qualification, the certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. If your certificate is due to expire you’ll need to complete the NSW recertification course to receive re-certification issued by the NSW Food Authority. Contact us by phone or email to discuss. Food businesses have 30 working days to ensure their appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains a new Food Safety Supervisor certification.

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Food Safety Supervisor (Retail): Re-enrolment



Food Safety Supervisor Course (Nationally Accredited)

This unit covers the full requirements to be a Food Safety Supervisor in the Retail industry. This course takes an in-depth look at what is essential to implement safe food handling and storage practices and a food safety program within a retail food environment.

This enrolment is only for Students that are required to re-enrol in this course. If you are looking to enrol in this course for the first time, please use this link instead.



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Straightforward multiple choice questions where you can demonstrate your knowledge

Workplace Observation Report

Simple, unique, 100% online. No need to download, print or upload any documents!

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“We needed to provide employees with access to a high quality accredited food safety course, as these knowledge and skills are a core component of our business. The learning management platform and food safety Australia product provided by the Australian Institute of Accreditation exceeded our internal benchmarks”.
K. Hart | National L&D Manager | Metcash (IGA)
June 19, 2020
“Food safety courses reflect current industry requirements and align with the high expectations we have of the knowledge and skills required by our employees. We find the content is delivered in an easy to use format that engages our employees. This is translating to improved on-the-job performance and results at The Coffee Club”.
T. Ryder | General Manager – People | The Coffee Club
June 19, 2020

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