Millions of workers are currently at home due to the social distancing measures put in place to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there is often plenty to do indoors, particularly if you have a family to care for, not having access to commonplace social activities can be a challenge. If you’re finding that time is beginning to drag, or would like to keep your mind active with a new skill, why not take advantage of the current situation and complete your food handling certification? An important qualification for anyone involved in an industry where food handling forms part of the role, take a look at five reasons why now is the time to get certified!

1. Time to complete the course

Although it’s not ideal to be unable to work, it does mean that there are a good few extra hours in the week that need filling. If you’re one of the workers who is currently at home, completing a food handling certificate or food safety supervisor course provides an exciting learning opportunity that also provides a useful qualification. Because the work can be completed as and when you have a few minutes spare, it’s possible to get the course completed quite quickly, even if you can’t devote a big block of time to it.

2. The learning is online

Whilst social distancing is in place, obviously it’s not possible to complete learning at a college or training facility. This is where learning with us comes into its own. All our courses are offered as online training opportunities. There’s no need to register in person – everything can be done digitally. Even the practical elements can be signed off by someone who’s seen you work previously, avoiding the need for any face-to-face contact. Particularly when social distancing means so many activities can’t go ahead, being able to learn online is a helpful alternative.

3. Gear up to improve your CV

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will see many businesses either fail completely or continue in a reduced form for several years to come. For some individuals, this may mean there isn’t a job to go back to once social distancing restrictions are lifted. Others will find that they are on reduced hours, or may need to consider alternative employment in order to make ends meet. Being in possession of a food handling certificate can give you the edge when it comes to applying for fresh employment.

4. Food hygiene has never been more important

During the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond, food hygiene is more important than it’s ever been. Not only is there a need to make sure that food is correctly stored and handled in order to prevent common threats, there is now a need for added vigilance in order to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. With an increased focus on hand washing, wearing masks, keeping surfaces sterile and making sure that high standards of cleanliness are maintained at every stage of the food preparation process, it’s vital that workers in the industry are 100% clear on what they need to be doing. This is where food handling training can help. Even if they’ve had training in the past, it’s timely to revisit best practice to make sure that all workers are at the top of their game in the current challenging environment.

5. Make sure your takeaways are packed and transported correctly

As restaurants are closed due to the social distancing measures, a growing number are opting to continue trade by providing a takeaway service. Preparing the food on-site and then transporting it safely and hygienically to customers some distance away requires particular attention to food hygiene measures. Training in food handling can give vital insight into what’s necessary to ensure customers receive food that’s been packaged and handled correctly.

Although it can be difficult to think much beyond the immediate situation, it is only a matter of time before social distancing restrictions being to be lifted and businesses can start to trade again. The changed landscape for people working in the food and beverage and/or hospitality sector is such that there is even more need to ensure that food is handled safely and hygienically. Whether you want your business to have a competitive lead, or are an employee who wants to make sure they’ve got the necessary skill set to work in the food preparation and handling sectors, the right training can really make a difference. Get in touch to find out about our handy, online courses.