Food Safety Supervisor NSW

Food Safety Supervisor (NSW)


A Food Safety Supervisor must be nominated by all food handling businesses. This person must have suitable skills and knowledge regarding how to handle food safely. Our NSW specific online course is designed for people to understand how to handle food safely and make them aware of their responsibilities to best manage day to day food hygiene situations. The serving of food safely to customers is extremely important and requires specific training.

We have also designed a custom online learning portal for you. Here, you can access your Food Safety Supervisor (NSW) course anytime you want. You will be engaged with interactive learning content and straightforward assessment, making learning about food handling hygiene a breeze! We are very excited to be able to provide you with not only great information, but an easy way to complete your course. Our learning platform provides you with a unique 100% online Workplace Supervisor Report, which allows you to complete everything all online. There is no need to download documents, get them signed in your workplace and then have the hassle of scanning and uploading them again. No other provider in Australia has this feature, which can literally save you hours of time! This course is trusted and recommended across Australia and provides people in the food industry with a quality training experience.

Course outline
  • Food safety programs
  • Identification of food hazards
  • Food safety risks
  • Controlling bacterial growth
  • Handling and preparing food safely
  • Storing and disposing of food safely
  • Preventing food contamination
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hygienic cleaning practices
Units of competency covered
  • SITXFSA101
  • SITXFSA102
Assessment process
 Multiple choice questions

> Designed to allow you to demonstrate what you know

Scenario questions

> Simulated environments let you apply what you know by answering a multiple choice quiz

Workplace Observation Report

> We do not come to your workplace to watch you, so just need a co-worker or supervisor (past or present) with at least 12 months industry experience to confirm that you can do practical tasks in the workplace. Our totally online report is easy for you and your supervisor to complete as there are no paper documents to complete at all.

You can start straight away as there are no prerequisites.
Additional information

This course provides you with ability to be recognised as a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW. As soon as you enrol, you will be provided with instant access to your course.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Whilst there are no training prerequisites, there are some requirements around language, literacy and numeracy. This course does not require any specific language, literacy and numeracy training requirements. Before you consider completing this course though, basic skills that you should be able to perform include;

  • Using email at work
  • Using an instant messenger tool
  • Following a recipe
  • Responding to customer complaints
Support from fully qualified trainers
Government approved course
Start today
Trusted by leading food companies
No downloading or uploading forms. Ever.

Workplace Observation Report


We believe in simplicity, for you and the people you work with. Our course allows your chosen co-worker or supervisor (past or present) to complete an electronic report by simply clicking on a link sent to them by email.  You will find that organisations providing online food safety courses will require a Workplace Observation Report to be completed. Our solution requires no manual paperwork to be filled in at all.

> No PDFs to download


> No forms to manually sign, scan, upload



> No paper trail. Ever.


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rated the course as meeting their needs very well or extremely well


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Compare our price, features and quality*

Club Training Australia


  • No classroom training
  • Valid Australia wide
  •  Printed certificate available
  • 100% online workplace observation report
  • Separate Hospitality + Retail assessment
  • National clients on website
  • 9-10 hrs learning

Food Safety First


  • No classroom training
  • Valid Australia wide
  •  Printed certificate available
  • 100% online workplace observation report
  • Separate Hospitality + Retail assessment
  • National clients on website
  • 3-4 hrs learning

Australian Institute of Food Safety


  • No classroom training
  • Valid Australia wide
  •  Printed certificate available
  • 100% online workplace observation report
  • Separate Hospitality + Retail assessment
  • National clients on website
  • 6-10 hrs learning

* Course price and feature comparison table data refers to standard (not discounted) prices and was sampled and correct as at 06/08/16

This course covers government requirements, specifically in New South Wales, where a business requires a Food Safety Supervisor to be certified. Our food safety supervisor course is specially designed to ensure compliance of your food business. If you already have a certificate with the unit SITXFSA101, then you just need to complete SITXFSA102 which is covered in our Food Handling Certificate (Level 2) course. Once you have both units, you can apply to become a Food Safety Supervisor.

If you want to be a Food Safety Supervisor in NSW, this course is perfect for you as we will generate and provide you with an additional NSW Food Authority certificate. This state specific certificate is a NSW Food Authority (government organisation) requirement. The NSW Food Authority charges registered training organisations $30 to issue this additional certificate, which we have included in the course cost. We do not charge any additional fees to supply this certificate. Due to state specific NSW Food Authority regulations, we are working with Wise Education Group Pty Ltd RTO ID 91447, who provide all training and assessment services and issue the units of competency relating to this course. You still have access to our customised learning platform and feel free to read our FAQ section to learn more about our courses and what we offer.


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