Food Safety Supervisor (Retail - NSW)

Food Safety Supervisor (Retail)

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This course covers the full requirements to be a Food Safety Supervisor in the Retail industry. Our Food Safety Supervisor (Retail) course takes an in-depth look at what is essential to implement safe food handling and storage practices and a food safety program within a retail food environment. Content that is covered includes how to test for and correct any breaches in food safety, understand how to dispose of waste and contaminated goods safely, and maintain personal hygiene in a manner appropriate to the workplace. This includes knowing what to do, and what not to do, in the case of illness.

The Food Safety Supervisor (Retail) course applies to frontline service personnel involved in preparing, displaying and selling retail food. Most state governments require businesses operating with food to ensure they have a certified Food Safety Supervisor and food handling certificate. This course meets this requirement, providing you with the information you need to make sure your food business is compliant.

We are approved by the NSW Food Authority, an Australian government statutory authority, to issue the NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. If you live in NSW, you will need to purchase this certificate at an additional cost of $35 (this comprises of $30 government fee plus postage and handling), in addition to also obtaining a statement of attainment.

Course outline
  • Following food safety programs
  • Controlling identified food safety hazards
  • Storing food safely
  • Safe food handling
  • Personal hygiene standards
  • Maintaining equipment and work areas
Units of competency covered
  • SIRRFSA001 Handle food safely in a retail environment

There is no need to rush, as you are provided with 8 weeks to complete your course.

Assessment process

Multiple choice questions

> Straightforward questions to demonstrate your knowledge

Scenario questions

> Apply what you have learnt to a simulated environment

Workplace Observation Report

> We have developed a custom learning platform that allows you to send an electronic form right from your course page to your supervisor. Your supervisor will need to have at least 18 months industry experience to confirm that have seen your practical skills in the workplace.

There are no prerequisites, you can access and start your course straight away.
Additional information

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Whilst there are no training prerequisites, there are some requirements around language, literacy and numeracy. In order to complete the online courses that the Australian Institute of Accreditation provides on its website, you should be able to perform everyday tasks such as;

  • Using an instant messenger tool
  • Using email at work
  • Responding to customer complaints
  • Following a recipe
Support from fully qualified trainers
Government approved course
Start today
Trusted by leading food companies
No downloading or uploading forms. Ever.

The Food Safety Supervisor course for the Retail industry can be accessed 24/7 through a 100% interactive online course. You will be provided with interactive and stimulating learning content and assessment that is easy to understand and complete. The assessment section provides you with the opportunity to access a range of multiple-choice questions as well as real world scenario questions. We will also need your supervisor at work to sign off that you have the required on the job skills and knowledge. This course complies with the NSW Food Authority requirements and allows you to gain the additional food safety certificate required by the NSW government.

The really great thing about this course is that there is no requirement for you to download workplace observation documents, have them physically signed by someone in your workplace and then have to go to the hassle of re-uploading them again. This is because we have a very unique 100% electronic solution for you, where you everything is absolutely 100% online. With no hidden documents or chasing up people in your spare time, this feature alone could save you huge amounts of your precious time. Alternatively, if you are looking for an extremely high quality course that is focused on the Hospitality sector, then please review our online Food Safety Supervisor course.

For system requirements required to complete this course, please see our ‘Terms and Conditions and forms’ section. Download our marketing document to take away and consider before enrolling in this course, and review our student handbook regarding our process for recognition of prior learning and what Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support we offer. You will have 8 weeks to complete your course. If you would like further information, please review our Retail food safety course outline.

Reminder about required assessment: There is a workplace observation report that is required to be completed as part of this course. This means that you will need to be observed in a suitable workplace in order to be able to complete all the assessment tasks. The demonstration of practical skills is extremely important evidence for vocational education training courses. A course conducted on the premises of a registered training organisation would be the recommended option for those people who are not currently working in the food industry.

Information for people who also want to be issued with a NSW Food Safety certificate

NSW Legislation
In NSW, food safety requirements are set by the Food Act 2003 (NSW) and the Food Regulation 2015 (NSW). These Acts require that food sold in NSW is safe and suitable for human consumption and meets all standards set out in the Food Standards Code.Food Safety in New South Wales is governed by the NSW Food Authority which comes under the Department of Primary Industries. Together with NSW Health, the NSW Food Authority monitors food safety across the whole state. They make sure the food produced and sold in NSW meets all of the guidelines set out in the relevant state-based legislation.

Regulating & monitoring food safety in NSW
The NSW Food Authority is responsible for regulating and monitoring food safety across the entire NSW food industry.

Food safety training requirements
One of the key requirements in the NSW Food Act relates to food safety training. Every food business must have at least one designated Food Safety Supervisor per premises. This person is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace and must be trained in the right way.

Food Safety Supervisor training
Australian Institute of Accreditation has been approved by the NSW Food Authority to deliver NSW specific Food Safety Supervisor training.This includes three key areas:

1. Safe egg handling
2. Allergen management
3. Cleaning and sanitising practices

When you complete training with Australian Institute of Accreditation, we’ll provide you with a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate (sometimes known as the ‘Green Certificate’) on behalf of the NSW Food Authority. This must be displayed in the food business.

NSW Recertification
Once you receive your Food Safety Supervisor qualification, the certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. If your certificate is due to expire you’ll need to complete the NSW recertification course to receive re-certification issued by the NSW Food Authority. Contact us by phone or email to discuss. Food businesses have 30 working days to ensure their appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains a new Food Safety Supervisor certification.

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    certificate I got was beautiful design and got everything I needed really quick. Thanks guys!

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    I thought because the course was so cheap it may be average- but I was wrong! It was very good. Well done crew with help you gave me

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    Finally found a course that has decent retail food info

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    Really good course. I have not studied for years and was a bit worried but everything was really easy to follow and I got my certificate really fast. Thanks guys

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