FSS Certificate – Recertification



This condensed FSS course is for those students who already hold a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Certificate (Hospitality) and need to renew it.  NOTE: This is for all states and territories EXCEPT NSW. If you need a NSW FSS certificate, then you need this course instead.

Experienced students should be able to complete this course in just a couple of hours. No Workplace Observation is required to complete this course, it is fully online. You will be required to provide evidence of your current/previous Statement of Attainment with appropriate FSS units and your NSW FSS Certificate.


Food Safety Supervisor certificates expire five years from the date of issue. To be issued with a new certificate, you are required to renew your Food Safety Supervisor training. We have developed processes to assist individuals with a current or recently expired FSS certificate to allow for re-certification by completing a condensed version of the FSS course for certificate holders who meet the re-certification requirements as part of the learning and recognition pathway.

NOTE: This is a condensed FSS course, specifically designed for the re-certification of existing Food Safety Supervisor students. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be issued a Statement of Attainment (with hospitality units SITXFSA005 and SITXFSA006) valid for an additional 5 years.