From pop-ups to food vans, small delivery services to online dessert and cake sales, the world of food businesses is bigger and better than ever before. Whether you’re a passionate baker, a keen foodie or you love the idea of owning your own business, doing things the right way can make a big difference. Top of the list for any budding food startup is food safety. With proper certification, you can get your small business started on the right foot for long-term success.

Here’s why you should put safety and sanitation at the top of the list when planning out your brand-new business:

Meeting government regulations and requirements

Depending on your area of operation, specific laws and regulations will apply to the sale of food in your particular state or territory. For just about anywhere in Australia, you’ll need to meet specific food safety standards and requirements for operation. Failing to do so upfront is not only bad for your business – potentially even leading to shutdowns – but also bad for your budget too. With fines applicable to businesses that don’t fall in line with requirements, not having proper food handling training and certification in place can be a bad thing for the longevity of your business.

Accessing more resources and opportunities

Being entirely above board with your food safety, food handling, and all other certifications can only provide good things for the future of your business. Maybe it’s the opportunity to share premises with other bakers or companies with excellent food safety ratings. Perhaps it’s being able to provide your food for important events, shows and any other form of additional exposure. Having the proper safety measures in place can have the potential to open plenty of doors. If your business is fully compliant with safety requirements, finding those opportunities and taking advantage of them is a far easier task.

Prove the trustworthiness of your brand

A brand that customers trust is a brand that’s far more likely to stand the test of time. Proper food safety and handling certifications can be a vital way to prove to potential customers that you’re a transparent, trustworthy, and safe choice. Once you’ve gained those customers, you can impress them with your food and gain more potential customers through word of mouth. If your website or listing clearly states your compliance with food safety requirements, it’s far more likely that hungry customers will click ‘add to cart or get in touch.

Sell your food at specific events, festivals and more

Depending on the individual location, specific events and festivals may have food safety and handling requirements they must abide by as part of the service they offer. If you’re up to date on certifications, and you’re able to follow all necessary safety processes? There’s far more chance you’ll be able to take part in opportunities outside your typical business parameters. Festivals can be an excellent seasonal way to get your business out there – so it’s well worth being prepared should the opportunity arise.

Beat your competition in the professionalism game

Professionalism can make a real difference between a home-grown business and one that’s built for long-term success. While there’s nothing wrong with the personal touch, customers are more conscientious about food than they would be for the gifts or toiletries they purchase from small businesses. Having food safety training is proof of your professionalism and helps customers decide if they think you’re ‘legit enough to buy from. With proper certification, you might just beat your competition by showing off just how professional your service happens to be.

Upscale and grow your business easily

If you’re hoping to expand your small business from a one-person operation to something larger, having the proper processes in place for food safety supervision, food handling, and all necessary certifications is an excellent foundation. Not only does it make it easier to grow your business, but you can start from the ground up with everything required to get your business out there without any bumps in the road. The sooner you complete your certifications, the better it will be for the future of your business.

Want to get certified in food safety for your business? Whether you’re only just starting or looking to go from an informal service to something more professional, The Australian Institute of Accreditation is the ideal place to start. Check out our online courses now for nationally accredited certifications in food safety and food handling. Or get in touch with our team now if you have any questions about what we offer.