Our story

Australian Institute of Accreditation (AIA) was a technology company established in 2014. What you should know about us is that our speciality is using our extensive knowledge about how people learn to deliver high quality online Food Safety courses. We are so intent on delivering excellent training and development that we developed our own custom learning platform! Feedback that we continuously receive from our clients is that had a really great learning experience.

Our team are dedicated to providing innovative, effective and compliant eLearning solutions. We aim to cater for individuals accessing our courses, right through to seamless integration for large corporate organisations and their teams across Australia. Our team has worked in the Education sector for the past 19 years.  We are fortunate to have been recognised for leading business practice and outstanding systems design. Through the work we do, we can showcase the talents of a diverse team of technical and educational experts that help individuals and businesses realise their potential.

For large businesses, our team’s passion is to provide unique and useful Moodle plugins to augment existing Moodle learning management systems, or implementing complete business learning management solutions through our Train Beyond Learning Management Solution (LMS).

Our Values


Australian Institute of Accreditation conducts business in accordance with the following values:


Lead with innovation


Constantly exceed our client’s expectations


Have passion for what we do


Never give up

How we deploy your chosen business strategy


This process is not about us. We review your business goals and objectives and discuss problems or challenges you are attempting to solve. We also seek to understand how you define and measure business success.


Output from this phase will detail how the business and learning objectives will be met, both from a structural and visual perspective, which will provide you with a good indication of how the solution will look and feel.


In this stage, various elements such as the look and feel, interactivity, functionality and content are brought together and come to life.


We upskill your team and put in place systems that can provide you with ongoing support. When you are ready, we launch your solution to the wider community.


This is where we analyse if the project objectives have been met. We include stakeholder interviews in our post implementation review process, which are critical for continuous improvement and enhancement of the provided solution.