School Student Enrolment Request (Unlimited)

This form is for schools that are currently subscribed to the ‘Food Handling for High School Students (Unlimited)’ subscription program to enrol students in the course.

The course is an Accredited course, Use hygienic practices for food safety – SITXFSA001. Students will require a USI in order to complete this course.

Upon receipt of this form, we will process your request promptly (during business hours), your students will be emailed their login details in under 24 hours (usually in less than 1 hour).


  • Set the date for when enrolment emails should be sent to students (can be set for today or any future date within your 12 month subscription period)
  • Student First NameStudent Last NameStudent EmailGroup/Class (optional) 
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    Press (+) to the right of Student Email to add more students

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